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Sales solution for both Online & POS.

Easily Managed from one software.






This is the solution for most businesses


  • Supports both Website Sales as well as inhouse Point of Sale solution if required
  • Website Multi-Level layout, for example
    1. Product Group= “FOOTWARE”
    2. FOOTWARE has Departments of “BOOTS” – “SANDLES” – “REEF” etc
    3. BOOTS have Categories of “STEEL CAP” – “ELASTIC SIDED” – ZIP SIDED” – LACE UPS’ etc
    4. STEEL CAP has Items of all STEELCAP products ie: “BLUESTONE”
    5. BLUESTONE has modifiers of “SIZE” XL – L – M – S
    6. BLUESTONE can also have modifiers of “COLOURS” Brown – Blue – Black – Pink
  • Images are added to items to display on the website
    1. If no image the items will show with the company logo until you have added an image
  • Pricing of items both on the POS and Website come from the one item setup and can differ
  • Only selected items will show on the website
    1. This allows for items which apply to instore only not the show on the website
  • Once payment has been processed on the website two things happen
    1. One- The order prints at the designated printer onsite for packaging.
    2. The customer receives an email confirming order with invoice attached
  • Freight
    1. Can be a set price
    2. Can be a set price if over x value
    3. We also have other freight options, dependent upon your type of business.
  • Multiple payment portals available upon request

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