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Standard + Selling Items by Weight.

Butcher Shop, Fruit & Veg Outlets, Seafood Outlets.

Sales solution for both Online & POS.
Easily Managed from one software
Addition of held credit card transaction until order processed for correct pricing and stock control of goods.





This solution for those businesses selling items by weight.

Butchers, Seafood, Fruit & Veg

All Standard Features +

  • Advanced payment module
    1. When the Customer go the cart and processes payment.
    2. Payment is approved but held not processed.
    3. Processing of payment is deferred until order is processed.
    4. When the payment has been approved and held, the order is printed onsite for processing.
    5. Once you have packed the order you access the website admin area. Here you adjust the weights of each product on order. When complete then process the payment.
    6. Once the payment has been processed the client is emailed with confirmation that the order is ready with the invoice is attached.

The advantages in advanced payment procedure

  • Customer is not over or undercharged for Items.
  • Allows for correct system stock control.
  • You are getting paid correctly for goods supplied


Standard Features

  • Supports both Website Sales as well as inhouse Point of Sale solution if required
  • Website Multi-Level layout, for example
    1. Product Group= “FOOTWARE”
    2. FOOTWARE has Departments of “BOOTS” – “SANDLES” – “REEF” etc
    3. BOOTS have Categories of “STEEL CAP” – “ELASTIC SIDED” – ZIP SIDED” – LACE UPS’ etc
    4. STEEL CAP has Items of all STEELCAP products ie: “BLUESTONE”
    5. BLUESTONE has modifiers of “SIZE” XL – L – M – S
    6. BLUESTONE can also have modifiers of “COLOURS” Brown – Blue – Black – Pink
  • Images are added to items to display on the website
    1. If no image the items will show with the company logo until you have added an image
  • Pricing of items both on the POS and Website come from the one item setup and can differ
  • Only selected items will show on the website
    1. This allows for items which apply to instore only not the show on the website
  • Payment as outlined above
  • Freight
    1. Can be a set price
    2. Can be a set price if over x value
    3. We also have other freight options, dependent upon your type of business.
  • Multiple payment portals available upon request

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