All the features of Uniwell Lynx plus support for large databases and concurrent access …

Large Databases

Uniwell Lynx Enterprise uses a PostgreSQL database server for data storage allowing for databases much larger than the 2GB limit in the standard version of Uniwell Lynx.

Concurrent Access

Concurrent Access in Uniwell Lynx Enterprise allows multiple users to login to the same database at the same time. Each user logged in must have a unique User ID. The following table outlines the different types of access available and the restrictions associated with each access type.


Exclusive access allows a single user to open a database with unrestricted access. No other users will be able to open the database while a user is logged in with exclusive access.


Shared access allows a single user to open a database with restricted read/write access and to share access with an unlimited number of read-only access users. Only one user can be logged into a database with shared access.
The following functions require exclusive access and are not available when logged in with shared access:

  • Restore Data File
  • Optimise Data File
  • Archive Data
  • Purge Data
  • Editing primary index fields (ie. Item Code)


Read-only access allows users to view but not edit data. Functions that require write access including some reports are not available when logged in with read-only access. There is no limit to the number of users that can login to a database with read-only access.

Licence Requirements for Concurrent Access

For users accessing a database across a network, Uniwell Lynx Enterprise must be installed on every PC that will be used to access the database. A separate licence is required for each PC. Data licences can be used on PCs that will only be used for Read-Only access. If Uniwell Lynx Enterprise is installed on a server and accessed via Remote Desktop or Terminal Services then a full licence is required for the first user and an RDS Licence is required for each additional user.