Starrtec Has Your
Point of Sale Needs Covered

With over 20 years of experience in providing support to casinos, hotels and clubs

through to small single-terminal restaurants, Starrtec have an intimate knowledge

of the wide-ranging requirements of the hospitality industry.

Key features include:

Fully Featured POS Menu Boards with Schedules
Maxgaming Loyalty Interface Waiter Pads
Tyro and PC-EFTPOS Integration Waiting Queue Management
Promotional or Sellable Vouchers Reservation at POS and on Web
Meal Deals Ticketed Events
Flexible Promotions Interactive Kitchen Display
Graphical Customer Display Rostering, Time and Attendance
Electronic and SMS’d Vouchers Live Stock Control
Clipp Bar Tab Interface StarrPDE Portable Stocktaking
Unlimited Price Levels SQL Database
Graphical Table Layouts StarrPatron App
RFID Clerk Log On at the POS StarrManager & StarrStaff Apps


Our flagship point of sale software is specifically designed for hospitality locations,
with excellent features for Bistro and Fine Dining Restaurants, Bars and Bottle Shops.
The Windows based StarrPOS touch screen terminal features many advanced
capabilities that only the latest software can deliver.

Key features

RFID Clerk Log On at the POS

Poker Machine Loyalty Interface

Tyro and PC-EFTPOS Integration

Reservation at POS and on Web

Meal Deals

Interactive Kitchen Display

Promotional or Sellable Vouchers

Rostering, Time and Attendance

Flexible Promotions

Live Stock Control

Flexible Promotions

StarrPDE Portable Stocktaking

Electronic and SMS’d Vouchers

SQL Database

Clipp Bar Tab Interface

StarrPatron App

Unlimited Price Levels

StarrManager App

Menu Boards with Schedules

StarrStaff App

Waiter Pads

Graphical Customer Display

Graphical Table Layouts

Event Calander


StarrPOS terminals are managed by our StarrOffice back-office software. This combined system offers the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to manage a wide range of products and different POS Terminal layouts across your venues, each customised to the needs of its specific location.

  • Manage and monitor all of your POS terminals from one place
  • Maintain your pricing, set up promotions, create menus
  • Powerful reporting facilities giving you all the information you need
  • Detailed stock control features tailored for the hospitality environment
  • Employee roster management
  • Integrate with accounting and supplier electronic invoicing systems
  • Implement member marketing activities, create and manage in-house events


StarrBoard displays your menu on monitors
across your venue:

  • Update meals and prices in real-time
  • Menus can be planned in advance and scheduled for automatic changeover
  • Program items to indicate when ‘sold out’
  • Scrolling messages for eye-catching specials
  • When not displaying menus, StarrBoard can be used for in-house advertising.
  • Also supports RSS Feeds like ABC News, sorts etc


Take the POS to your customers with a Waiter Pad. Graphical table maps allow you to take drink or food orders to wherever your patrons are seated.

  • Reduce queuing and increase venue efficiency
  •  Guests can also be seated straight away without having to line up to place their orders.


Improve restaurant customer service
with our touchscreen Kitchen Monitor system.

  • Fully integrated with StarrPOS
  • Highly visible, colour graphics
  • Real-time information enables efficient kitchen management
  • Statistical data allowing analysis of throughput and performance


With StarrLoyalty you have the tools to reward your customers every time they visit.

  • Variable rewards by Location
  • Product-based loyalty promotions
  • Manage club financial membership
  • Targeted marketing opportunities

Interfaces with most Australian gaming loyalty systems

StarrPatron App

A mobile phone app that connects you directly with your members. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Consider the powerful marketing opportunities:

  • Restaurant and courtesy bus bookings
  • Promote upcoming club events
  • Push notifications to members
  • Members can see their points balance
  • Stores electronic vouchers
  • The app is free to your members

StarrEntry Kiosk

Purpose-built touchscreen entry terminal provides a service to your members and allows you to know who is currently present in your venue.

  • Allows members to check their member purse and point balances
  • Shows promotional images and messages while the terminal is idle
  • Integrates with the StarrManager app, allowing management to be alerted to members that have entered the venue


Combine StarrOffice’s staff rostering features with our integrated clock-in, clock-out terminal.

  • Budget for staffing, design the roster template and allocate employees
  • Accurate records of staff attendance
  • Finger-vein ID scanner provides increased system security


Integrated Access Control System for your venue.

Your StarrOffice software manages permitted access times to electronically controlled doors, and other equipment

  • Allows access to specific areas to members (using member cards) or staff (using staff ID cards or RFID wristbands)
  • Provides accurate reporting of access times and integrates with the StarrManager app to alert management of specific events

StarrManager App

Allows management staff to keep their ‘fingers on the pulse’ of the venue.  Available for Apple and Android.

Key features include:

  • Graphical sales data for today by Location
  • Details of staff rostered across the venue
  • ‘My Roster’ showing personal shifts for the week
  • Live feed showing members at the venue, as well as alerts indicating VIP member attendance
  • Reporting current ‘open’ bar tabs
  • Shows restaurant reservations, menus and events


Perform routine stock management tasks more effectively and efficiently with our integrated Portable Data Terminal.  High volume, multi-location stocktakes are so much easier using StarrPDE.

Key benefits include:

  • Saving staff time and resources
  • Increased accuracy


About Starrtec

Starrtec has been developing and supporting integrated Point of Sale systems for over 20 years. Specialising in Club, Hotel and Hospitality environments, our venue management solutions provide you with the necessary tools to communicate with and reward your customers, streamline your bar and restaurant operations, manage your staff and control your inventory.

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