DL MENU covers are long and slender in shape and designed for lunch or drinks menus.  Normally 320mm high x 120 wide, the menu is held inside the cover via an internal pocket or a two piece cover held together with interscrews.
A dark maroon eclise material, with a gold stamped logo.  Menus held in place by an internal pocket to take an A4 sheet folded lengthways.

Surface printing directly onto white buckram allowed for the these menus to be created for a function where the major sponsor was Tiffany jewellers, hence the Tiffany blue colouring.

Dark blue eclise and a gold stamp logo was used for the wine menus in this set.  A rainbow coloured bookcloth features on the front of both dinner and lunch menus.

Contrasting colours in these menus for GRAZE Coffee Lounge. Created using red and mid brown buckram with a gold stamped logo.