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Number Display – by Custom Software Developments

Based on the Android 5+ OS Custom Software Developments have developed a Number Display Application.

Targeted mainly towards Cafes & Bistros this is a complete stand alone system that allows either kitchen staff or POS operators to display ready order numbers to the people awaiting the order.

**NEW** The Number Display now integrates into the Uniwell Kitchen Monitor system allowing the order number to be displayed the instant the kitchen staff mark the order as complete. The system also has pass through to a kitchen printer for printing of order dockets.

This product requires 2 devices to run, a sender and a receiver. The sender is a small screen device used for the keypad to type in and clear off the numbers, or the Uniwell KVS. The receiver is typically plugged into the side of a small monitor, the screen size of the receiver can be anywhere from 4″ all the way up to 70″.

Cairns-Copy supply the Receiver configured to your network and setup prior to shipment to your specifications. This unit is designed to run out of the box as a standalone system, requiring you only to plug the unit into an available HDMI port of your existing Monitor/TV and set the Tv to that input.

The Sender is any Android 5+ device. We recommend the use of low cost Android Phones due to their size and price point. The Sender App is downloaded from the Play Store onto a compatible Android device. You will need to connect your Android device to the same network your receiver is connected to, and configure the APP to send to the Receiver.


Configuration Options:

  • Advertising Text Colour & Size
  • Main Number Colour, Size & Highlight
  • Selected Number Colour, Size & Highlight
  • List Header Text, Colour & Size
  • List Number Colour & Size
  • List Border Colour & Size
  • Automatic Number Delete Timing
  • Automatic Number Re-Flash Timing
  • Audible Alerts
  • Customise Image Background
  • Configure Positioning & Size of Screen, including elements within.
  • Now has orders being prepared area as well as number ready

Multiple Monitors can be used by purchasing more Number Display Devices. The Number Display Devices can be connected to your network either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
Optional mounting equipment can also be supplied. 


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