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A 21st Century solution to the age old problem of accurately informing your customers of the products you want to sell them. This system allows you to easily promote particular products using text & graphics, while displaying your menu in a highly visible format.

The system is also suitable for virtually any other advertising display purpose, especially in businesses whose product lines may be variable, or who wish to increase sales of specific items.


Menu Board – By Custom Software Developments

Designed to be a complete stand alone system, This system makes menu’s and sign writing a breeze. The Menu Board can also be configured to extract data from a Uniwell HX-4500 or HX-1500 terminal for fast and accurate menu building particularly when only Prices of products have been updated – no more waiting for sign writers or using dodgy stickers!




Any TV/Monitor can be used, providing it has HDMI input.



Control Tablet

Any Android 4+ Tablet, 10″ recommended.


Individual TV’s can be set to be scrolling advertisements. This means you can advertise all your Daily Specials or Weekly Advertisements scrolling on a single TV in direct view of your targeted audience.

Scrolling Product Images

You have the ability to take a photo of your item, or select one from the tablet, and have it scrolling through with all the other product images you define on your menu. You are able to define the location and size of the Scrolling Product Images, you can even use images with transparancy.

Menu Background

You can set any of the images located in your Tablet to the background of any or all of your menu’s. You may also have multiple image backgrounds scrolling at a speed you define.

Product Formatting

With the touch of a button you can change the Font, Colour & Size of any or all of your products. You can position your products anywhere on the menu you wish by pressing and dragging, you can even add headings for groups of products.


Product Placement

Move the items around the screen with your finger, touch and move. Items can be placed anywhere on the screen, however you like.


Understanding How it works & What is Supplied

Menu Board DiagramHow it works

You will need to supply CAIRNS-COPY with a current model Android Tablet, running Android 5+.

From this tablet you control everything that is displayed on your menu’s. This controller tablet does not need to stay onsite for the menu’s to continue operation, it is merely an access point to make changes to the menu’s.

For each TV you have, you get a Raspberry Pi 3 with the Display software installed. These are used to run the menu’s you define on the controller tablet on the TV’s.

A Wi-Fi router is used for the Controller Tablet and Pi’s to communicate.


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