A4 PORTRAIT menu covers come in a number of different styles including two seperate covers secured by gold or nickel intercrews, metal rods or internal pockets.  The paper menus can be held inside the covers by using heavy duty plastic sleeves or directly into the cover.  There are  a variety of material and colours.
Buckram bound menu cover.  Silver and green foil stamped, with silver interscrews.  Menu pages are held in place with high quality plastic sleeves or an internal pocket.

Teal coloured eclise material, a compound leather, silver interscrews and silver foil stamped.  Once again menu pages are held in place with plastic sleeves.

A4 light blue buckram menu covers.  The paper menu is held in place with buckram horizontal strips.  The large menu is complimented by a smaller square menu in teal buckram

Surface printed A4 menu cover.  The image is printed directly onto the cover.  This menu is bound with a brown cord as a feature.

Surface printed two tone menu.  Once again the image is printed directly onto paper or buckram.  Menus are held in place with three ring binder or brass interscrews.

Dark blue eclise material on the spine complimented with a multi coloured brella cloth.  Gold foil stamped with the menus held in by an internal pocket.

Maroon eclise material with gold foiled logo.  The menus are held inside plastic sleeves. The set comprises of menus, wine lists, bill folds and hotel room compendiums.

A mid green buckram covers these menus.  Help together by brass interscrews.  The interscrews can either be made a feature or hidden inside.  An added feature is the indented square for a photo or similar on the front.

Dark Brown Faux Leather is a material that looks, feels and smells like genuine leather but without the price tag.  These compendiums were created for a resort in Japan and is a two piece unit with hidden interscrews.