Getting Your Business Online

What is “your POS online”

CAIRNS-COPY in conjunction with Custom Software Developments have worked tirelessly to come up with a unique product Your POS Online.


As a custom Point of Sale solution provider, we realised the difficulty and time required in maintaining a Point of Sale solution as well as an Online Website Sales solution.
We found that many had one or the other solution done well although few had both working to their ability. In a lot of cases the website did not reflect what was happening at the Point of Sale. In other words, products were being sold at incorrect pricing, were for sale in one solution but not the other etc, you know what I am saying


Easy come up with a solution for both the Point of Sale as well as Website Sales controlled by one easy to use software. Wow that sounds easy. NOT SO.

Well we believe we have developed a solution which covers both POS as well as Online Sales called Your POS Online.

Standard version has all the usual Online Sales functionality you would expect with stock control of both shop and online stores with varying checkout and freight options.

Standard + Sales by weight allows for correct invoicing of items with weight variations, as well as stock control.

Online Ticketing is for purchasing tickets online which are both texted and emailed to the customer to be scanned upon entry.

Please check out further information below on each product.